Global Trade

The Turkish market has witnessed a remarkable recovery since the beginning of the twenty-first century in the import and export business which encouraged investors and traders to set up their business in Turkey in order to perceive the opportunity of high growth and returns. There is a lot of opportunities to import excellent quality products from Turkey and export excess raw materials to Turkey right now. Turkey has a globally accepted market reputation for its products. Turkish exports are well-diversified, ranging from natural resources and low value-added products such as metals, precious stones, energy, apparel, and food stuffs, to higher value-added goods including vehicles and machinery. Turkey is a good destination for global traders, especially exporters from China, Russia, USA, UK, Germany and many other developed countries.

Turkey’s export market covers mostly Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia. Turkey is experiencing an extensive demand for its high-quality, well-affordable products from several African countries. Turkey has a strong business relationship with China, Pakistan, and India. In recent years Turkey is also focusing to maintain a strong business relationship with Bangladesh. Both countries’ governments are concerned about it. Several Turkish fashion brands i.e., LC. Waikiki, Defacto, Koton and many others import majority of their ready-to-wear products from Bangladesh. Other textile industries like garments, fabrics, carpets, leather etc. have also chosen Bangladesh as a hub to import jute, tannery and other raw materials. On the other side, Bangladesh also imports mostly technologies and machinery products from Turkey.

What is our concern?

As JY Trading and Tourism, our main objective is to make a consolidated bond between Turkey and Bangladesh, besides the rest of the economic world. We conduct our research to find the suppliers of diversified products who wish to establish a business relationship with Turkey and/or Bangladesh. We figure out the sources of products where to buy and the global traders where to market the products.  We assist our customers by providing the basic knowledge of Turkey’s and Bangladesh’s business culture, economic conditions, and potential opportunities. We also try to identify the main issues associated with initial research, market entry, and risk management. We also organize several trade missions to help our clients to enter the high-opportunity affluent Turkish markets.

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