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Turkey’s large young population, efficient labor force, and emerging markets along with its geo-strategic location make Istanbul an ideal zone for the international financial hub. The construction and real estate market is the most important sector that keeps the Turkish economy up and running. This sector is still very interesting and profitable for foreign investors while 06% of them since September 2017 are held by foreign buyers.

Turkish textile and apparel sector also has a lot of advantages; the quality it presents, the richness in raw materials, flexibility, and the advantage of geographical location connecting with Europe and the Middle East. For these reasons the textile market will always be vibrant and interesting sector for investors.

The Borsa İstanbul, the exchange entity of Turkey, combines the former Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Istanbul Gold Exchange. In 2020 market capitalization for Turkey was 237,473 million US dollars. The average value for Turkey since 1990 was 54.4 percent with a maximum of 344.15 percent in 1990. The latest value from 2017 is 28.22 percent; for comparison, the world average in 2017 based on 88 countries is 14.94 percent. In the recent year, 2020, the return was around 43% increase than the previous year, 2019.

We offer our customers the opportunity of investing any of these markets or several markets in Turkey. We arrange the investment plan, do market research to assess the return opportunity and the risk premium, conduct communication with prospective customers or marketers in Turkey or elsewhere regarding export/import issues. Our customers also can collaborate with us in setting a business or investing in our existing business as a shareholder. We can arrange the investment opportunity for the Turkey’s stock market with comparatively low risk along with high return. We offer the full-fledged services and the best possible return to them.

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