Citizenship Program

Turkey is among the most culturally enriched countries in the present world. Its natural beauty is beyond our apprehension. Turkey’s natural heritage, historical places compel every year thousands of tourists to pay a visit to Turkey. Turkey is among the world’s top hottest travel destination. Nowadays Turkey is merging with diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, and variant colors. Turkey’s conservative mentality to religion is preferred by Muslim communities worldwide.

According to the Passport Index data of 2021, Turkish passport is ranked as 30th in the world. Turkish passport holders can travel more than 100 countries without visa or getting on arrival visas. Turkish passport holders become legal citizens of the Republic of Turkey. They can be facilitated with many other advantages. They get the legal right to elect or be elected in parliamentary or municipality administration. They are granted for the retirement programs, can get benefitted with free medical treatment. Prospective candidates or descendants of passport holders gain benefits with free education and scholarships at high school as well as university level.

Turkey has introduced its Citizenship by Investment program in 2018. The Turkish Government has started to grant citizenship to foreign countries’ residents in exchange for a capital investment. It takes approximately three to four months to get citizenship. Foreigners over eighteen are eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship who complete some specific requirements; for Citizenship by Investment that is you need to buy a property of real estate worth more than 400,000$ or invest same amount of money in this field. Previously it was 250,000$ but later updated by the Turkish government in June 2022.

Your spouse and children less than 18 are also entitled to get the citizenship with you. Children over 18 years old, in such case, will have to wait for three years to become eligible to apply for citizenship. After the application, they will also get citizenship within following two years.

Our citizenship consultancy service is designed to assist our clients such a way that will make them feel confident. We arrange all required documentation including citizenship application, health insurance, accommodation documents and attachment from municipality, notarization of documents and all other services if the Migration Office requires in the way to get the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.

For our prospective customers who intend to get the facility of Citizenship by Investment program, we offer the best deal for property investment. We have collaboration with several development firms who deal with real estate and other property business. We also look around for the real estate properties, sort out property buying and selling arrangements, and do search for the best location according to our customers’ demands. We arrange for our customers the opportunity to invest in those fields even if he is not present in Turkey.

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