Global Trade
JY Trading and Tourism efforts to support and define import and export trade processes in your way to reach your goal with safe and security. You can easily get your products in cluttered global market.
Financial Services
Let your money be grown with JY Trading and Tourism. We are committed to facilitate you with risk-free high return investment in efficient Turkish market.
With JY Trading and Tourism, you can feel and see the blend of Istanbul’s mystical, ancient, and modern scenario at the same time. We will make you experience the taste of paradise by witnessing crystal clear waters, fantastic beaches, and insanely beautiful countryside through diverse cities in Turkey.
Citizenship Program
Invest $250.000 in real estate and get your dreamed Turkish Citizenship in less than three months. We, as JY Trade and Tourism, offer you full service in your way to get Turkish Passport within a very short period.
Health Tourism
We help our clients to get appointments, treatments with other facilities including flights, transports, accommodations, foods, travel packages and many more.

About Us

JY Trading and Tourism (Turkish JY Ticaret ve Turism) is mainly a global trading company located in Istanbul. The company is an ambitious newcomer in the market, started its operations in 2019.

We have established our services in Turkey because of the bulk of Turkey’s economy is made up of a diversified services sector including real estate, tourism, financial services, education and health. Industry continues to play an important role, particularly in manufacturing which accounts for a large proportion of Turkish exports to Europe and Middle East. Turkey’s global marketing strategy aims to decrease import dependency in its growth, and is increasing its capabilities to become an exporter of household-consumer as well as high-tech products.

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